Amazing clothes from Gaastra


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I found this amazing brand called Gaastra and their clothes are just what I’m looking for, fashion with a bit of sporty side! The quality also meets the prize really well. Even though the prizes aren’t that low, I prefer buying adorable clothes which last for years. Plus, they have many items on sale right now!

I made collages of clothes which I like the most for both, men and women. The clothes for women are something I would wear and the clothes for men are something I would want to see on my boyfriend/brother. Some of the things even ended up in my shopping bag.. Shopaholics life is tough ;D The best thing about Gaastra is that they have worldwide shipping!

For her:Fotor0128202447

For him:Fotor0128203037

Tell me what you think of the collages and go check out Gaastra’s website and online shop!


Winter in Finland


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Today was rather cloudy but I decided to go for a long walk with my Canon. I was heading to a lake called Ahvenistonjärvi where the 1952 summer olympics were held. Finland won 6 gold medals during those olympics. That amount is quite much for a country this size. Nowadays the area is mainly used for leisure such as swimming and cross-country skiing. I managed to get a few good shots, the first one is my favorite. Tell me what you think about the photos :)

Long time no see


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It has been approximately 250 days since the last time I was here. Well, the most important thing is that I’m back again, I don’t know for how long but for now at least. So many things have happened, I visited multiple European cities last summer, I moved from Brussels to Finland, I turned 18, I have a new job, I applied to universities in Scotland… Where do I even begin..? In a nutshell, these have been very long and stressful 7 months after we moved to Finland in July. Now I’ve managed to balance my life even a bit and found myself missing the blog. This leads to this blog post which hopefully will get my beloved readers back! :) I hope you like the photos and comment what you think!

Fashion Show 2013


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Fashion Show has been a part of our schools tradition, the Footfest. In footfest students can perform different kind of shows, singing, dancing, stand-up, anything they want! But the reason it is called “footfest” is that they are having a football tournament there too. In the evening when the games have finished, it is time for pretty girls to stand up on a stage and designers to be proud of their beautiful dresses. I was asked to be an escort to my dear friend, Helmi, and I gladly accepted the offer.

The day was a complete success, everybody were pretty and dolled up, the show went perfectly and after that we hit the town!

215228_4491853745878_736327232_nHelmi’s models had these creepy contact lenses..!



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Hyvää vappua! Glada vappen! Happy labour day! It is a finnish tradition to celebrate labour day. Another finnish tradition is to put a graduation hat on Manneken Pis, and everybody who have graduated keep their own graduation hats on. I haven’t graduated yet, but…










Tomorrow I have to go back to school, but only 2 days and fiesta again! This amount of partying is craazy..

Today I was having brunch in the cinquantinaire park in Brussels, and after that went to a fair next to my place.

I really should go to bed soon to be atleast a bit alive in school.. ;p