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Yesterday I was with my family at the movies and surprise, surprise, Skyfall was on. We decided to ruin our nights and at 22.30 go to see the new James Bond -film. There wasn’t that much action as drama, but still, the regular James Bond.

Today we’re going to eat at Hard Rock Cafe as usual, the third time in what, 5 weeks? :D Should we change restaurant..?

I don’t have any photos from this week, but I will do a post where I introduce my shoppings :)

School starts on Tuesday again and I have shit loads of homework to do.. I have to read the Unknown soldier for Finnish and for Biology I have to do this report of a work we did in class and then this and this and a bit of that too, im going to die tomorrow. Right now im just listening to music and enjoying candles and rain.

But soon I’ll do the post of my new things! Happy sunday and enjoy! :)