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Heyheyhey, been a while sine I’ve done a proper post, so here is one with some shitty quality pictures from my phone!

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain, or just Amelie? If you haven’t then you got to listen to this track. Click here


Oh yes, sunday was fathers day in Finland, and I sent him a letter! Can’t remember what I did last year, but now I wrote him a letter, a bit late though (saturday evening..) but I sent him a message on facebook too :)

In total, last week was a really good week. I’ve done some thinking in my life and didn’t get anywhere. Also, we got our reports and it just made it more clear that i’m like 7. Not good like 8, not a failure like 6. Im just okay. If I would push harder, maybe I would get to 8. But it’s only maybe and that’s what doesn’t get me moving.

Maaan, I should just pick up my camera and take decent photos, not like these that makes me want to cry :D But yes, these are some photos from this and last week. With my friends, my brother visited us last week, things I ate and bake, then some pictures from  Friday.

Oh yes and today was so much fun :) I stayed home and invited Z here, we baked pizza and he has a terrible cough, so I treated him and at last he could sleep, he slept like 4 hours :D Well, I had time to do my own stuff :p

I haven’t taken any pictures of my new things! Shit I have to do that :) maybe that is the next thing I’ll write about :)

See you later alligator! :)