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At the Finnish stall, there were these “reindeer skins”. People love them every year and last year they were sold out. Last year some lady wanted to buy 6, but there was only 5 so she bought the 6th one this year :)

Finnish gold digger and Santa Claus! They had a small show on the stage.

At the Belgian stand were these beautiful angels and santa clauses :)

The norwegian table, traditional scandinavian dessert :)

Santa Claus straight from Finland!

The Norwegian stall. These are wine bottle warmers :) mum bought the one in the middle ;)

I laughed when I saw these :D I was planning to buy one for Z but they didn’t have a perfect one so i’ll buy it somewhere else :) The English are great! :D

Last but not least, the finnish restaurant stall serving reindeer, as usual, and finnish beer.

Not much to tell, I ate a döner sandwich from turkish stall and my mum ate fish&chips from the english. Both were really good! For dessert I ate a piece of chocolate cake from croatian stall :) Everybody were really kind, although there was soo much people.

We bought portuguese, italian and french wine and french champagne. It is useful to buy the drinks there because you don’t get to taste them in a shop :).

Soon I’ll be posting some of the stuff I’ve shopped lately!