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I bought this blazer from Zara couple of weeks ago. I love it cause it’s not grey but it’s not black either so it goes well with diffrent kinds of pants and shirts. Sorry the picture is blurry.. :D

This one I bought from Cameleon. It’s super warm, but the color isn’t best for my yellow hair but still, love it! :)

Details ;)

I just don’t know how to buy winter clothes :D So I decided to buy this, suits to bar or at least I have something fine to put on if I need :D Why are these pictures so blurry?! :(((

Yesterdays outfit. I left to Nato at 8.30 so I didn’t have much time to take a decent picture ;)

Mum was in Finland last week! <3

EDIT: I made the photos bigger, but sorry guys the photos are shit, but it’s cause i just found out this new amazing feature on wordpress.. So there will be no more blurry photos! :) <3

EDIT: Fuck my life :D The pictures look extremely blurry on this editing mode, but on blog they look fine? :D So just ignore me, my eyes are blurry apparently..