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Today we were visiting this village which was a really important battleplace during the WW1. It’s called Ypres and it’s in Belgium, but right at the French border. It was fun, and muddy, but still something different to normal tuesday.

English soldiers buried in Ypres

Some old bullets etc

We were walking there…

We had to walk there too, my feet thanked me later :)

My lovely stepbrother is lovely


Autumn, the only thing I love about it is that at least the trees look nice :)

The German cemetary.

And again, creeping

Me, myself, and I. Had a terrible hairday, terrible faceday, and a terrible clothcrisis in the morning. Not so good day.

The pack is so beautiful, looks like antique. Something they would’ve smoked 50 years ago.

A museum, which we visited. It was pretty cool :)

You always have to have at least one toilet picture with your friend. Always.

Awww, christmas is coming!

We went for a coffee. Where do you get whipped cream on your cappuccino?! <3

So that was my day, how was yours? Oh yeah, on the bus back to Brussels we watched The Hunger Games. And they spoke French. I almost committed suicide.

Do you like the pictures? :)