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Z took me out for a dinner on saturday :) I love you <3

Friday partyparty at freehouse! :)

Beautiful morning sky on Friday.

EU summit on Friday night.

Televisio cameras outside comission.




Monday mornings are always so happy!


So this is what my weekend looked like! Some outfits, shopping, partying, some quality time with mom and Z, eating, cakes, Hollister shop, EU summit and lots of more! Also, I was a bit sick, but it didn’t bother me and now im much much better! On sunday I just chilled and enjoyed time with Z.

Good night now, I’m off to bed. Wake up at 6.30am and its 11.30pm. 7 hours of sleep and double swedish class in the morning :) not so good combo but lets give it a shot!

Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I’ll be posting stuff I bought! And my new shoes should arrive tomorrow too! Fingers crossed :)

What do you think of my weekend?