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My new shoes arrived today! Yay now I don’t have to worry about surviving winter :) Still have to find the perfect boots..


I was shopping with mum on saturday. I didn’t find much things, but this is one! It’s fluffy and warm, just the way I like winter scarfs :)


My brother is graduating next week and I’m going to Finland with my family, I’m going to wear this and a black dress. It’s going to be fun! And found this also on our small shopping trip :)


Also these I found on Saturday. Love them,don’t you? :)


Has anyone read this? I heard its good, i’m going to test it on flight to Finland ;)



I got this as a birthday gift from Z <3 Love it <3


This is just the perfect nailpolish, I love the color!


Christmas is coming, and one thing that belongs to my christmas is delicious finnish chocolate and christmas calendar! Can’t wait to open the first window :)


Ahhh mum is going to bake macaroons, I love them! Yumyum


Last but not least, very blurry picture of the best chocolate in Finland! :) <3

I have a lot of homework to do so this was just a quick post with some pictures :) Well, I don’t have that much homework but where is the motivation..?

Okay tomorrow it’s thursday and then friday, I can do this! Im just soooo tired… :)