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Earlier I posted how mum was going to bake macaroons and here is the final result! :) Don’t they look delicious?IMG_2777


Today I was visiting our school’s christmas market “marché de noël”. In the Finnish stand they had baked these Angry Birds -cupcakes. Looked delicious, didn’t buy one though :)




Haha, I was playing Sanajahti, this word puzzle game, and I managed to find a word which was worth 57 points! 





Brussels at night. 




It was a bit cold when I went outside.. oops :D


Kuva otettu 1.12.2012 klo 22.05 #2


This day and yesterday were super chill, apart from school. I was stressing so much for a biology test that I almost shit bricks. I’m sleeping at Z’s place this weekend and I’m gonna watch one more episode of Pretty Little Liars and then go to bed! And happy 1st of December guys! Only 23 days ’til christmas :)

Have you done any kind of christmas shopping or preparations? I know I haven’t… :D