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Today I’m setting off to France with my family. We’re going snowboarding to the Alps. Our resort is next to Chamonix, which is next to Mont Blanc :) I try to post from there, but not any quarantee ;D I’d like to do a post about my trip to Finland, but I promise, I will write it during this winter holiday :)Chamonix_1_HAP000736A(2)

I have no idea of the hotel, but we’ll see. There is a sauna and swimming pool, that’s for sure! Basically my parents have organized everything and i’m just following them :D


I can’t wait to have my snowboard under my feet ready to kill myself.


..and everybody else on my way.

But I’ll tell you how it is going, and if you don’t hear anything about me, either I don’t have internet connection, im too tired or i’m in the hospital. You decide which one ;)