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Yesterday morning, I decided to go on my own to Brussels city center to Rue neuve, the biggest shopping street in Brussels(? correct me if i’m wrong :D). I managed to buy a cardigan and nailpolish. Today I went to Wijnegem’s shopping center with my mum. It is next to Antwerp and again, correct me if i’m wrong but I think it’s Belgium’s biggest shopping center. IMG_8178IMG_8181

IMG_8183IMG_8184Also yesterday I was at my friends house, I didn’t drink but they were drinking ;D Bailyes, champagne, white wine, beer… Today I’m having a very comfortable night at home, watching movies and eating sweets.IMG_8204IMG_8205IMG_8207IMG_8216Tomorrow planning to study, I seriously don’t want to go to school on Tuesday. Aide moi.IMG_8179I’m now going to watch a movie called “Unthinkable”. We’ll see what mum thinks about it ;) The cover says “Containsvery strong images of torture”. Good bye sleep, hello nightmares.

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention, soon we can celebrate my 100 followers! Keep up the good reading ;)IMG_8211