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Hey all,

I’m sorry I’ve been out for a couple of days. It’s the time of the year again, exams. I hate exams, especially the time right before them when I HAVE TO study, and I’m doing everything to avoid it. Eating, sleeping, cleaning, painting my nails, eating a bit more, cleaning again. All the excuses. I have to clean that because I can’t concentrate if I just leave it. Oh I should paint my nails again, it won’t take long, better to do it now than tomorrow when I have to study really hard. Okay this is me, I hope someone else gets distracted so easily too. Then The Facebook. Oh my god, I just have to add this photo here :DImage

They should do that. Seriously. The best for everyone.

But wish me luck, the exams start with finnish on monday, then tuesday nothing, on wednesday I have biology, and it goes on until next tuesday. Hope to be back soon, but can’t promise anything :) Enjoy your time, I know I will……