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Taking a break while stu(dying).. I love you my readers, you always make my day with your comments :) I always stop to think, when did I get this many followers, how can I ever thank them enough? So I was thinking, what kind of post do you want me to do? Just hit me with a comment and I’ll try to implement it some day :) I’m having hard time thinking what could I write next, do you guys want to know me better or what? Like now, I wanted to post something, but I don’t have any ideas or even pictures to post, although my Picasa says that I have 10 000 pictures on my computer..


Right now I’ve been wasting my time for too long, I planned that I would study from 11 am until 6pm, but after 3 hours I got sick of it and started online shopping. I found a nice parka, which I already ordered, and a nice pair of summer shoes. The parka is for next winter in cold Finland, and the summer shoes are for my Malta trip in march.

I don’t know if I have any readers who would like to read my posts in Finnish? This has been bothering me for too long, that should I start posting in Finnish also?

My second favorite tv-show starts in less than 1 hour, can’t wait! And my favorite tv-show starts on Monday again, after it has been on christmas break!

The pictures are some wannabe art I’ve been taking from 2011- to this day.

Lets get busy commenting! :))


Tässä olen taukoillut opiskelemisesta jo sopivan monta tuntia, motivaatio vain katosi parin tunnin ahkeroimisen jälkeen.. Halusin päivitellä blogia, kuten juuri teen, mutta ideat vain puuttuvat. Jos on jotain toiveita, niitä voi kommentoida alla olevaan kommenttiboxiin, odottelen innolla teidän ideoita! :) 

Onko muuten yhtäkään joka lukee näitä suomenkielisiä käännöksiäni? Vai ovatko vain ihan turhia..? :D 

Nyt mun täytyy jatkaa opiskelemista, kivaa lauantaita ja älkää unohtako putousta tänä iltana ja salkkarit maanantaina! :)Image