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Just a quick post with picutres, how fun it has been the last days. On saturday evening it started snowing like a bitch, then on sunday we had a bit of snow, which was fine, belgium could manage it. Monday pretty much the same, just a tiny bit of snow on fields and trees. Then tuesday morning. I wake up, I literally could’ve swam in the snow. It had snowed about 10 cm snow last night. Thank God I could sleep in because I didn’t have an exam on tuesday. Today I had biology, which was a bitch but we’ll see how it went. Tomorrow I have geography and I’m totally lost :D I hope I can manage it with common sense…IMG_8309

This amount of snow would have been fine, but nohh… tuesday morning it looked like this:IMG_8321 IMG_8324 IMG_8320Oh yeah this last one is from sunday, when it hadn’t snowed that much yet :)

Merry christmas everybody! or not..