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Hey everybody! A very lazy blogger is back.. ;) I haven’t been that busy after the exams, which were shit, but I’ve been looking for some motivation, and now when I’m sick, I said to myself that I will blog today, I have to.

IMG_3119 IMG_3129 IMG_3133

So, last night I was feeling really weird and decided to check my body temperature, and I had fever. Great. I went to bed last night at 21.30pm and woke up first at 11pm because this one guy texted me, I decided not to answer him. Then every hour from that I woke up until after 3am I didn’t wake up anymore. Then my friends texts me at 7am if I’m coming to school, sorry no I’m not I’m still in bed. Then I could sleep until 10am.

IMG_3163 IMG_3178 IMG_3181

I have to admit something, really weird. I used to hate Taylor Swift, and I still do, but this song is amazing.. Press here to hear the song. The start thing is kinda long but somewhere at 2 minutes the song starts.

IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3199

Some of the pictures are from christmas holiday, some are from last week. Sorry for the quality, but I always forget my Canon home and then decide to take pictures with my phone..

IMG_3205 IMG_3209 IMG_3109

I already got some of my results from the exams back, I hate this school… Well, maybe I can do better in the summer exams.. hopefully..

IMG_3115 IMG_3116

See any funny in these pictures? I went for a pizza with my family in Lausanne, Switzerland and almost all of the pizzas in the menu were named after someone famous :)