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Hey guys,

So today I walked out of the door and decided not to be sick anymore. I still have this annoying cough but it’ll hopefully go away soon.


I’m so excited because I’m going to Spain next Saturday! My cousin lives there and then I’m going to visit my grandparents who are enjoying winter there. More about it hopefully next Saturday with pictures, but if I don’t have a Wi-Fi there, you will hear about my trip later.


Today it the sun has shined, it has rained and snowed and right now I’m waiting that some tornado or something like that is going to strike here.

IMG_8419 IMG_8420

I was having fun with side profiles, or actually my friend was ;D

Today we were supposed to go to the movies with my family, but the plan was dead before we even had it, because our favorite show is on tonight and we can’t wait to see it!

IMG_8442 IMG_8425 IMG_8449

So, I just wanted to share these photos with you, because I don’t have anything better to do with my life. And my the show I already explained about is starting in 30 mins so I wanted to do the post now, because after the show I would be too tired :)

What do you think of my pictures? :)

Have a lovely weekend everybody!