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So I was being super lazy today, didn’t leave the house except to pick up my little brother. You can enjoy these shitty pictures (I hate the light in my room), I hoped that I would have a chance today to take pictures with natural light, but I realized it too late and the weather in Belgium has been reeally weird. It has snowed, rained, sun has shined and an hour ago there was hail falling. The saying that in Belgium we can see all of the 4 seasons in one day. Today we certainly did.

IMG_8490I forgot to mention yesterday that I’ve been on a diet. And I still am, but today is the last day. I could torture my self and extend it to tomorrow, I don’t know yet. Also, I heard about this 90 days diet, which I’m super excited about. If you’re interested, just click here and read more about the diet. If there is someone who has done, or is doing the diet, is there anything I should know before starting or during it?IMG_8527 IMG_8526I’m so veryvery excited about going to Spain. I might blog from the airport (if I have Wi-Fi) because I will be spending almost 6 hours there, since my mums plane is leaving from a different airport and she needs to get there on time. So we are leaving home on Saturday at 8ish, and our plane is leaving from Charleroi at 14.45. Yayy for the waiting. For me it’s okay, I don’t mind it, but I hope my little brother is patient.IMG_8530Today our order from Zalando finally arrived (it should have been here almost a week ago). And I forgot to photograph them, since I’ve been feeling kinda slow today. So here you go with pictures from Zalando’s site.SE911B020-702@1.1 V1021E031-802@1.1Have a nice evening, I’m going to spend my evening suffering, because I’m so very very hungry.