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So I’m back home. You can skip this part if you’re not interested to hear about how miserable my flights were :)) I wish I don’t have to travel with Ryanair ever again, although our first delay wasn’t their fault. Last Saturday I was at Charleroi airport at 9am, because my mum had to get back to Brussels to catch her own flight. So there I was with my little brother, 5 hour wait ahead of us. Then, after 3 hours we heard that there has been a plane crash, maybe you read about it, but 5 people were on a plane, taking off from Charleroi, and they were experiencing problems, and decided to land back to Charleroi. What happens next is that they are having even more difficulties and the plane crashes next to the runway, and all of the departing and arriving planes are late. I know I know, I shouldn’t be this selfish, 5 persons just had their last flight and I’m worrying when am I getting on one. Sad story for everybody, but finally at 6ish we were ready to take off.

The return was all Ryanair’s fault. We were supposed to take off at 4.25pm from Malaga. Me and my brother were at the airport at 3.30ish, we were at the gate, and suddenly everybody started talking loudly and were really confused and moving around. Then people started yelling in french that the plane is delayed for 2 hours. Okay, that’s fine. After a while it turned out that the departing time wasn’t at 7pm, it was at 12am. Brilliant, we would be home in 12 hours. 8 hours of waiting, 3 hours in plane and 45 minute drive. So when we do the math, we were home at 4am..

IMG_8546 IMG_8552 Chilling at the airport full of people.IMG_8556 Our flight is the lowest one to Malaga, they didn’t inform anything about our flight for many hours…IMG_8561 IMG_8562 IMG_8564 IMG_8565 IMG_8567 IMG_8570 IMG_8577Finally in Malaga! Taking the train to Fuengirola, the paradise for finnish people.