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On Monday I met up with my cousin who lives in Malaga. I don’t have any pictures from that day :( But I loved to see her after 2 years! We had a lot to talk about and we were having coffee for 4 hours.. :))

After I returned from my trip to see my cousin, me and my grand mother decided to go to book ourselves on a trip to Gibraltar. We hoped to get on Tuesday, and we were successful because the bus which left in the morning had 4 more seats, perfect for us.

So on Tuesday our bus to Gibraltar left at 9am, so we had to wake up early. The ride there took 2 hours because we had to pick up other people on our way there. There was a passport control at the border so a police came inside our bus and checked the passports.

When leaving Gibraltar, we had to go through a security check, especially the people buying cigarettes and alcohol. We didn’t buy either so we just had to show our passports again. IMG_8673 Entrance to “The Main Street” where all of the tourist shops etc are. The perfect place for tourists :)IMG_8695 Tangerine tree!IMG_8693 English post box. I sent a post card to my little sister in Finland :)IMG_8686 Never been in London, going after 1 week but still had to do this in Gibraltar :)IMG_8676 A map of Gibraltar. Hate this picture because of the reflection but can’t help it.. :(IMG_8674Random plate on “old” border of Gibraltar.IMG_8708 IMG_8712 IMG_8726We had to cross Gibraltar’s airport’s runway to go to Gibraltar. It was interesting if an airplane was going to crush us or not :)

I couldn’t buy much anything because everything was either expensive, looked cheap or too big for me to carry, because I didn’t have a suitcase with me, only a big tote bag, where my clothes and other things were.

More about Spain tomorrow, I have a lot of homework to do and my 3 week holiday is coming to the end… :(