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IMG_8752 Last day, it was a shame to leave when at 10am it was that warm.. :(IMG_8754 IMG_8760 We went to eat at this really nice chinese restaurant. The food was really cheap, it cost 5euros 15cent for a meal which consisted a starter, main course and a dessert. For the drinks we had to pay separately but they didn’t cost too much either.IMG_8762 Spring rolls for starter!IMG_8766 IMG_8772 IMG_8783 Vamos a la playa..!IMG_8787 Okay so we met this finnish celebrity there, and we just had to get a picture! Google Sami Hedberg if you don’t believe..!IMG_8793 Coca-Cola factory!IMG_8795 At the airport!!IMG_8799 IMG_8805 IMG_8810 IMG_8820 IMG_8823Yeah so i was flying to CHARLEROI which is the 2nd one on the board. We were supposed to take off at 16.25, guess what?? It delayed and we took off at 00:00! Why did we even consider flying with Ryanair? If the disaster while going to Malaga wasn’t Ryanair’s fault, this was all their fault! Okay yeah I wouldn’t have wanted to fly with a broken plane, but still, this is the best you can do?? But now it’s over, I just could’ve spent 7 more hours in lovely Malaga, instead of sitting inside when it was over 25 celsius warm outside.. :)