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Hey! Sorry I’ve been a bit absent here this week, I will continue my Spain posts soon. But I totally forgot to mention about my new hobby here. Last tuesday me and my friends decided to get in shape and we started going to gym. I’ve wanted to do this for so long but never had the motivation. 1d6eab1ed28bcfb75991476cee13e0beBut we went to the gym on tuesday, then friday and today(saturday) we are planning to go there on sunday too :) I’m really looking forward to continue this because I really want to get in shape, but also meet new people and experience things.2a6a1699a632b751bd71be190293e1e2The weekends are good for working out because usually after school I’m really tired and I have loads of homework. It’s a shame because I’m always really looking forward to go to the gym because I feel so good afterwards and I don’t have to stress about my eating that much. b7f567aecbac833fccdc0998b977d9a7

Next week is going to be exciting because on tuesday I’m going to London with my class and on saturday I’m going to Europarty. Europarty is mainly for students studying in European schools, last year there were 1500 persons partying their asses off.

All the pictures are from pinterest.com