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Today we were hosting a bliny party at our place, for our closest friends. I’m not so much involved, my mum has prepared everything and I just help her serving and cleaning up, because we have 10 guests :)

If you don’t know what blinis are, they are a sort of a small pancake and usually caviar, sour cream, honey, whitefish, salmon etc :) Blinis are really tasty and satisfying, although it sounds like a dessert, it’s really good with fish and different kind of cream mixes.For starters we had little appetizers some sort of mayo-herb mix rolled in to thin beef slices.For dessert we had really strong Belgian coffee and surprisingly russian dessert “Charlotte Russe”. I don’t have a picture of it but this is how it looks. It’s made of small pieces of Swiss roll and inside it there is blancmange.This is how our fridge looked like.. 5 bottles of champagne, fillings for the blinis, beer, white wine and so on :)

Now I’m super tired and tomorrow morning, 11.45 I have to be at the Brussels airport, heading to MALTA! Gonna be an awesome week :) Maybe I’ll have time there to post something, maybe not :) See you at the latest next Saturday!