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-What makes you travel so much?
This Malta trip was organized by school, and then I just travel for fun, to Spain I went because my grandparents live there. It’s so easy to go around Europe when I basically live right in the middle!

-What kind of jobs do your parents do so you can travel this much?
My mother is a stay home mum right now, and my stepdad works for the European Union. My dad who lives in Finland is a teacher.

-What do you expect from your cultural trip to Malta?
I really didn’t have any expectations about Malta’s culture, I sort of went there to see how it is like.

-Where is your favorite place that you’ve been to?
I think I’m going to say Malta, although Egypt and Spain were super nice too. Trip to Malta was my first trip with friends and I really enjoyed my time, so Malta it is.

-Can you give me some tips how to pack your suitcase for every weather condition?
A lot of layers. Nothing else needed. If you get hot, just take some layers off and if you get cold, put some more.

-How do I create a profile pic?
Take a camera and snap a photo :) Then go to Settings -> Public Profile -> Change your Gravatar.