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Hey everybody!

Man I really have to stand up with this whole blogging thing.. The last time i posted was almost a month ago!
I have so many things I wanna share with you, and I don’t know where to start :) Well, first of all, I really wan to buy this lens for my camera!! Do you guys have any experience of it? I know it’s super cheap and almost like a toy, but I’m really curious how it is. And I’m not a professional, just taking photos for my own fun. So the lens is the 50mm f/1.8 from Canon.Canon_EF_50mm_18_II

On Tuesday we celebrate Labour Day, and Wednesday is a free day from school, so I’m gonna be hitting the clubs on Tuesday!!

Me and my beautiful friend Helmi :)

Yesterday I went to an opening of a new Subdued store in Brussels, it’s an Italian clothing brand and it looked super promising! I bought a really nice burgundy tube top.

Today I’ve read 50 pages of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest -book, really boring but everybody say it’s really good and I have to read another 50 pages for Tuesday so might as well just get it over with.

I mostly have some party pictures, because when I’m not partying I’m in school, at the gym, at home or doing something else boring :) Well actually couple of the photos I took on chill days, when we smoked shisha or just ate good food.

On Friday I’m going to a fashion show. My friend designed a collection there and she is presenting the last dress she made, and I’m going to be escorting her on the stage! Looking forward to that soooo much!

I also updated the theme of the blog, what do you think?

Have a great week everybody!!