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Hey everybody!

Man I really have to stand up with this whole blogging thing.. The last time i posted was almost a month ago!
I have so many things I wanna share with you, and I don’t know where to start :) Well, first of all, I really wan to buy this lens for my camera!! Do you guys have any experience of it? I know it’s super cheap and almost like a toy, but I’m really curious how it is. And I’m not a professional, just taking photos for my own fun. So the lens is the 50mm f/1.8 from Canon.Canon_EF_50mm_18_II

On Tuesday we celebrate Labour Day, and Wednesday is a free day from school, so I’m gonna be hitting the clubs on Tuesday!!

Me and my beautiful friend Helmi :)

Yesterday I went to an opening of a new Subdued store in Brussels, it’s an Italian clothing brand and it looked super promising! I bought a really nice burgundy tube top.

Today I’ve read 50 pages of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest -book, really boring but everybody say it’s really good and I have to read another 50 pages for Tuesday so might as well just get it over with.

I mostly have some party pictures, because when I’m not partying I’m in school, at the gym, at home or doing something else boring :) Well actually couple of the photos I took on chill days, when we smoked shisha or just ate good food.

On Friday I’m going to a fashion show. My friend designed a collection there and she is presenting the last dress she made, and I’m going to be escorting her on the stage! Looking forward to that soooo much!

I also updated the theme of the blog, what do you think?

Have a great week everybody!!




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Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve just been lacking motivation and topics. I could write about Malta but then again, I don’t know where to start because we did and experienced so much. I really miss Malta and the mood we had there. I really got to know people better and I’m really glad about this experience.

Today I was shopping in the morning but I didn’t find anything special. This evening we went to eat out with my family. We went to this really nice mexican restaurant. Now I’ve just been watching Geordie Shore and chilled. I should go to bed soon because we are renovating our bathroom and the workmen come at 9am and the time is already 1.30am.

The pictures I took in Malta :)

Ask me – answers!


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-What makes you travel so much?
This Malta trip was organized by school, and then I just travel for fun, to Spain I went because my grandparents live there. It’s so easy to go around Europe when I basically live right in the middle!

-What kind of jobs do your parents do so you can travel this much?
My mother is a stay home mum right now, and my stepdad works for the European Union. My dad who lives in Finland is a teacher.

-What do you expect from your cultural trip to Malta?
I really didn’t have any expectations about Malta’s culture, I sort of went there to see how it is like.

-Where is your favorite place that you’ve been to?
I think I’m going to say Malta, although Egypt and Spain were super nice too. Trip to Malta was my first trip with friends and I really enjoyed my time, so Malta it is.

-Can you give me some tips how to pack your suitcase for every weather condition?
A lot of layers. Nothing else needed. If you get hot, just take some layers off and if you get cold, put some more.

-How do I create a profile pic?
Take a camera and snap a photo :) Then go to Settings -> Public Profile -> Change your Gravatar.



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Today we were hosting a bliny party at our place, for our closest friends. I’m not so much involved, my mum has prepared everything and I just help her serving and cleaning up, because we have 10 guests :)

If you don’t know what blinis are, they are a sort of a small pancake and usually caviar, sour cream, honey, whitefish, salmon etc :) Blinis are really tasty and satisfying, although it sounds like a dessert, it’s really good with fish and different kind of cream mixes.For starters we had little appetizers some sort of mayo-herb mix rolled in to thin beef slices.For dessert we had really strong Belgian coffee and surprisingly russian dessert “Charlotte Russe”. I don’t have a picture of it but this is how it looks. It’s made of small pieces of Swiss roll and inside it there is blancmange.This is how our fridge looked like.. 5 bottles of champagne, fillings for the blinis, beer, white wine and so on :)

Now I’m super tired and tomorrow morning, 11.45 I have to be at the Brussels airport, heading to MALTA! Gonna be an awesome week :) Maybe I’ll have time there to post something, maybe not :) See you at the latest next Saturday!